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About us

Gary's Words:

"You could say that I was born into the liquor/wine industry. My father and grandfather were wholesalers starting in 1946. My great-grandfather sold wine in the early 20th century. I joined the family business in 1974, moving to Lexington in the process. I was fortunate to have a lot of good teachers.

Over the next 15 yrs I met, talked with and tasted with giants of the industry like Robert Mondavi and Ernest Gallo, amongst others. Dad sold the business in 1990, and I opened my 1st retail store in Louisville. Also during the 90's I was a buyer for a big-box store, so my experience includes both wholesale and retail.

I've always been most interested in finding value, as it requires more skill than just buying what is expensive. To that end I believe you will find the best $10 collection in this part of the country at CornerWine.


At Corner Wine, we've built a place that's under 500 sq feet with wines from all of the major producing areas. Here you will be comfortable with my pricing and the complete absence of "wine speak", so over done on menus and trade magazines.

See ya soon!   -Gary D

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